The Gambia Women’s Initiative is a project that spun off from Power Up Gambia’s project at Sulayman Junkung General Hospital. As part of the close connection with the town of Bwiam, several volunteers with Power Up Gambia wanted to work on projects directly with the village womens group to help financially poor women in The Gambia increase their income, thereby improving the standard  of living for their families and their communities.  They formed GWI, and brought on an experienced women’s development coordinator, Isatou Ceesay, to help organize and run the projects.


GWI seeks to help financially poor women in the Gambia increase their income, thereby improving the standard of living for their families and their communities. Projects coordinated and rural women’s groups will give women a voice in their own development, as they are trained in income-generating, investment and decision-making skills.


GWI seeks to inspire, embody and expect:

  • Empowerment-through training in income generating and investment skills, woman will discover new capabilities and find their voice.
  • Cooperation-through share leadership within and among village groups, women will learn that working cooperatively increase one's opportunity.
  • Growth-through openness to new ideas, women will use their creativity to increase their markets ana assure their sustainability.

To that end, GWI will:

  • Choose projects by listening to the Gambian women, determining what they want to do to improve their income generation
  • Fund projects of limited scope and duration that have significant village support and impact, and which we deem to have sustainability once completed.
  • Focus our initial efforts on four pilot villages, in order to learn from and with the village women about what is viable
  • Commit to supporting this effort for a minimum of 2 years, followed by mutual decision about the projects future.


To meet our mission, GWI has retained Isatou Ceesay to manage this intiative in the Gambia. Our belief is that local people can best understand the issues and interpret the needs. Isatou models our values empowerment, cooperation and growth, and is the most effective means for us to engage and assist other Gambian women.


  • Fund Isatou Ceesay's salary for two years.
  • Evaluate and support projects proposed by village women's groups that meet our criteria for empowerment, cooperation about the initiative.
  • Raise funds through various individual and organization to fund GWI projects.
  • Use our skills to help Isatou Ceesay and the Gambian women meet their objectives.
  • Evaluate the initiative's success and offer creative solutions for improving our mission.